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Sea Mist Resort

"Throughout my 20 years on the Board of Trustees, I have found VRI to be professional and trustworthy. VRI's knowledge of the timeshare industry allows the resort to operate successfully, and its assistance with budgets, reserves, daily operation, training and long-term planning is invaluable. Our continuing partnership is one of mutual goals."

H. McInnis, Chairman of the Board
Sea Mist Resort
Mashpee, Massachusetts

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"Our association with VRI goes back almost 30 years, and we have never found ourselves without a friend to call on in difficult times."

R. Morgan, Board President
Villas of Sedona
Sedona, Arizona

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"An invaluable resource for many years now, VRI helps us navigate the many complicated nuances of managing a resort. As a result of VRI’s financial guidance and advice, we were recently able to complete over $6 million in renovations with spectacular results and no special assessments."

L. Manley, Board Treasurer
Winners Circle Resort
Solana Beach, California

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